Where I’m From

by Paulina

artwork, black and white tree house lino print

I am from an old yellow house being fixed
to playing with dolls
From the pencil and paper
to my successes making me feel proud

I am from a neighborhood
of different kinds of people
All with kindness
A place of perseverance

I am from hairyness to shortness
Given to me by the Ruiz and Martinez
I am from las posadas and lots of parties
And from a big loving family
To the family who’s hard working

I am from falling down, but always getting back up
I am from my grandparents and the ones before them
From comida Mexicana to different kinds of new foods

All the way to celebrating Dia De Los Muertos
And the memories of happiness
Turning bullies into good, making hate to happiness

I am from those moments that fall apart
But get back together
I am the person who has the life that isn’t