Community Partnership

ForWords Literacy Lab and Precita Eyes

In partnership with Precita Eyes, San Francisco’s premier muralists and the Youth Scholarship Program at the Canal Alliance, ForWords Literacy Lab spearheaded a project with thirty middle school and high school students to create the first community mural in the Canal area of San Rafael.

This spectacular four story high mural depicts various aspects of the students’ hopes and aspirations for themselves and their community. It was created through a consensus building process that included numerous meetings, months spent sketching and writing, time spent lobbying the community and government agencies, and finally, gridding and painting the mural on the weekends over several months. The mural celebration in November of 2012 was the culmination of the work of student and professional Precita Eyes artists, their teachers, and ForWords’ board members and volunteers.

In addition to the True Colors Mural, students wrote and published a book chronicling their experience.

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