Ode to My Parents

by Joanna

Sweet yellow corn
Was planted by my parents.
And when time came, picked out
taken to the family kitchen
and turned into plain delicious circle shaped tortillas
Eaten by my parents with queso y chile
would keep them full
for a better day.

Sweet yellow corn
The fields where my parents worked day and night
till the bright burning sunsets.
After school straight to the fields they go
with the mindset that working hard everyday will someday pay off.
They want a life with better education and jobs like the people who live in the U.S.
who have a better life.

Sweet yellow corn,
the fields where my parents were born.
It was their other home.
The place they spent most of their lifetime
making their daughter proud
of such hard work.
They contributed to their family.
Now they deserve to rest, enjoying their days and lives.