School Partnership

ForWords Literacy Lab and Banyan Integrated Studies, San Rafael High School

Students in the Banyan program studied a specific industry/company and representing either the CEO, a consumer, a laborer or environmentalist, researched how to create positive and environmentally sound change while maintaining the company’s sustainability.

The students studied, researched and wrote a major paper from the perspective of the company CEO, consumer, laborer or environmentalist as to how the company could fulfill its responsibilities to that perspective and be profitable. They also learned about all aspects of a major corporate, how competing interests impact the corporation, its work force, consumers and the environment, and analyzed and debated competing interests. They created and presented an “academic conversation” in panel form before students, staff and families. Each student, representing one of the 4 stakeholder groups, discussed the company’s sustainability from that one perspective. A student moderator and audience members asked questions and there was a dialogue between the stakeholders.