Our students are first generation youth who want to learn, lead, and are determined to gain the skills to go to college, secure meaningful work and become active members of our community and democracy. They are motivated, intelligent and hopeful.

forwords students

Who are the ForWords Students?

⇒ We serve middle and high school students, 50% of whom are English learners.
⇒ 100% of our students are low-income and 95+% are students of color.
⇒ Approximately 30% of our students have little or no English.
⇒ A large percentage of our students are newcomers from Central and South America, many of whom have experienced poverty and violence.
⇒ Approximately 40% of our students are in regular classrooms; 60% are in separate programs, e.g, English Learner classes.

Our experience

shows that when our students:

Gain fluency in written English;

plan, research, write and publish their work;

speak in public;

think critically and evaluate information objectively;

and understand and work for social justice, then they make continuous strides in each of these 8 goals.

forwords students