Since 2007 ForWords has developed a literacy-based program with a focus on reading, writing,  technology and the arts.

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Why ForWords is Important

50% of ForWords students are English learners, 100% are low-income, 95% are youth of color and 100% are first-generation learners. 

90% of the emerging English learners in the classrooms where ForWords works are not fluent in English.


Only 25% of high school students are proficient in writing and other key areas.

In California

Only 50% of third graders read and write at grade-level proficiency.

In Our Community

There is an achievement gap between White vs. Latinx students of 45% gap in 3rd Grade Literacy, a 50% gap in 8th Grade Math, and a 41% gap in College and Career Readiness.

Approximately 30% of our students test out at the lowest level in their English assessment.

San Rafael City Schools District

Numbers of English Language Learners
From 2016 to 2020, there has been a 31% increase in the number of English Language Learners, in grades K-12.

Over 20% of all San Rafael City School students are English Language Learners.

Stats & Facts

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Securing the Future

ForWords students graduate from high school, go to college, obtain meaningful employment and come back to their community. On one of our visits to the University of California, Merced, our high school juniors and seniors toured the campus with three ForWords graduates, current students at UC Merced! What a moment.

ForWords has provided 23 individual college scholarships, including our 3 tour guides at UC Merced.

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