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Our Students are Counting on You!

ForWords OutLoud 2022: Fund-a-Need

1. Bridge to High School

$500 covers the cost of 1 student in ForWords Summer Bridge to High School Program for rising 9th graders.
Goal: 25 students

2. College Visit

$1,000 enables 1 student to go on ForWords' 2-day college trip of their dreams.
Goal: 15 students

3. College Scholarships

$2,000 for 1 college-bound senior
Goal: 5 scholarships

4. Come Together Mural

$2,500 for the making of this first-time collaboration of students from all of FW school and community programs.
Goal: Covering the costs of supplies and staff time

5. ForWords Literary Review: Artists-in-Residence

$3,500 for 1 artist-in-residence to enhance this new publication of student work.
Goal: 1 artist-in-residence per school semester

6. Student–Produced Podcast Launch

$3,000 for studio equipment, training, and vocal coaching for students.
Goal: Covering the costs of the launch

First, choose an amount, then choose a one-time donation or an automatic recurring donation for more impact.

501C3 TAX ID #46-3333037

Your Impact!


Academic Programs and Individual Support

Covers the cost of 1 student for 1 year.


At Home Learning Kits

Covers books, supplies and snacks for 2 students for 1 semester.


Remote Classroom

Covers the cost of Zoom for 1 year.


Student Publications

Covers the cost of publishing 1 book of student work.


Tech Support for Distance Learning

Provides devices and Wi-Fi for 2 students.

And Most of All, HOPE

Cost to cover tours of colleges — meeting with teachers and students; visits to libraries, art and science museums; taking classes in the arts; and various guest speakers talking about their work. All available virtually.

Did You Know?

82% of the total ForWords budget goes directly to:
Development, and
Administrative costs are 6% of total budget.

Why Give to ForWords?

⇒ Because You make students’ dreams attainable
⇒ Because You believe that every student has a right to equitable education
⇒ Because You know that our students will give back to their community
⇒ Because We All Know Education is a Human Right
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Did You Know about These?

In-Kind Donations

A donation made of products instead of cash, such as computers, software, furniture, office equipment and supplies, writing and art supplies, gift cards, and more. Please contact us first: email or call us at 415-785-7899.

Pro-Bono Services

Professional services provided without payment. Do you have expertise in legal, tax, or business; marketing, design, website development; strategic planning; or other professional skills? Please email or call us at 415-785-7899.


Opportunities for corporations or individuals to sponsor events; underwrite college visits, field trips, speakers, classes in the arts, scholarships, and publication of student work. Please email or call us at 415-785-7899.

Planned Giving

Cash equivalents like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. A gift in your will or living trust, and memorial or honorary gifts. Please email or call us at 415-785-7899.

Thank You from All of Us!

We are totally committed to supporting their efforts at ForWords, as they wisely and bravely keep doing their significant work in the community.