To Participate in The Seed Project

The Seed Project is a county-wide campaign that will be launched at our virtual spring gathering, Planting Seeds of Hope. We invite you to join us by sharing your seed of hope. Selected submissions will be featured at our spring event and at a community showcase in the fall.

Good to Know

​A highlights montage of selected submissions will be featured at ForWords virtual spring gathering. To be eligible, all the items in the form must be submitted. Not all submissions will be included. However, all participants will be recognized in the spring event program.

You may participate in The Seed Project even if you do not attend the virtual spring gathering.

We will never reveal or share your email with anybody.

​Instructions for the Form

​​Submission Deadline is April 12, 2021

Complete this sentence in 10 or fewer words:

“Today I will plant a seed of . . .”

Some examples:
“Today I will plant a seed of ‘voice for the voiceless.’ ”
“Today I will plant a seed of ‘kindness and decency.’ ”
“Today I will plant a seed of ‘scholarships for all students.’ ”

Please provide:

1. Your seed quote.
2. Your name.
3. Your email address (all our communications will be via email).
4. The town you live in (not your address, just the town).
5. Your occupation / what you do.
6. A favorite photo (a selfie is okay).

Fill out my online form.

Thank you for planting a seed of hope!