Approved by Board of Directors: September 10, 2020

361 Third Street, Suite I
San Rafael, CA 94901
Executive Director Gail Siegel:



ForWords Literacy Lab [FWs] is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides literacy programs for students in Marin County, primarily in the San Rafael area. FWs provides community programs on Saturday and in the summer and in-school programs for middle and high school students in the San Rafael City Schools.

ForWords COVID-19 Protocols/Policy comply with all required and recommended protocols from: The Federal CDC, State of California, and Marin County local authorities including city and school district requirements.


  • In both print and digital copies, FWs will maintain ForWords Literacy Lab COVID-19 Protocols/Policy 2020-2021 in its main office.
  • All staff members and families of FWs’ students will be provided a copy of this Protocol/Policy in English and Spanish.
  • ForWords will make available copies of ForWords Literacy Lab COVID-19 Protocols/Policy pursuant to any request.


The following applies to the FWs’ main office at 361 Third Street, Suite I, San Rafael, California [and any subsequent properties in which we have our main office].


Signage will be placed at entrances to FWs office or classroom and will include the following requirements in English and Spanish:

  • Do not enter if you have a fever, aches, headaches, flu-like symptoms or have been tested for COVID-19 and have been found to be positive and/or if you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or COVID-19–like symptoms.
  • You must maintain at least six feet distance between all others at all times.
  • You must wear a cloth face-covering mask at all times; the mask will not have any openings and/or vents.
  • You must use hand sanitizer and/or appropriate swipes before entering, frequently while inside and before leaving the premises.
  • You will wash hands before leaving.

Signage (Continued)

  • You will wash your hands at any time while in the premises if at any time you make contact or are within six feet of anyone else.
  • When you wash your hands, you will do so thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.
  • You will sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue.
  • All individuals entering will have their temperatures checked and if not normal will not be allowed to enter.

Site Cleaning/Disinfecting/Facilities Use

  • All areas will be disinfected before any daily business/programs begin including all surfaces, door handles, equipment, etc.
  • Any items and/or areas shared will be disinfected after each usage.
  • Hand-sanitizers and/or sanitizing wipes will be available at the entrance to FWs and all who enter will be required to use the sanitizer before entering.
  • Hand-washing facilities will be available at all times and will be stocked at all times with soap, paper towels and hand sanitizers.
  • Cleaning products will meet the Environmental Protection Agency requirements.
  • Hours will be adjusted as necessary to insure adequate time for cleaning.
  • Employees will be provided adequate time to implement personal and other cleaning practices.
  • A list of specific cleaning areas/items is established and will be used for all cleaning requirements and will include the following:
  • Bathrooms
  • Handrails, door handles/counters/shelving
  • Carts, baskets
  • Hand-held devices
  • Desks, tables, blackboards, bookshelves
  • Books and other instructional items
  • All staff, students and visitors will be provided appropriate areas for taking breaks, lunch, etc. as detailed herein.

Social Distancing

  • Tape or other markings placed at least six feet apart as necessary.
  • All desks, workstations and other classroom components placed at least six feet apart.
  • Students, staff and visitors will be checked before entering to ensure they are wearing masks, have used sanitizers before entering, checked throughout the day for same, and are informed of the social distancing requirement.


  • Marin County Public Health will be notified if any students, staff, or visitors who have tested positive for COVID-19, consistent with all confidentiality requirements.
  • Should any person entering a FWs’ area/class/activity and either has symptoms that may be COVID-19, has been exposed to COVID-19 or has in fact the COVID-19 virus, all families of students will be so informed so they may choose to keep their children home.


  • Will work remotely when it is inappropriate to work in person.
  • Will be provided appropriate face coverings, will be checked with temperature and/or symptom screening before entering FWs’ facilities.
  • Will follow all rules regarding social distancing as well as all of these protocols.
  • Will report immediately to his/her supervisor any/all symptoms such as fever, aches, sore throat, and other COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Will assist in any required COVID-19 protocols as listed herein.
  • Will not attend any FWs programs/activities when exhibiting any of the symptoms noted herein.


  • Will be met before entering any FWs’ area/class/activity and escorted.
  • Will be provided written instructions and training regarding all COVID-19 protocols.
  • Will be provided masks and sanitizing material.
  • Will be monitored to insure social distancing.
  • Will have their temperatures checked before entering.


ForWords will follow all recommended steps to ensure that our office/activities/classes are safe and clean. However, given the nature of this virus, including how it mutates and can invade any space without warning, ForWords cannot guarantee or control or be held responsible for any illness anyone entering FWs’ facilities will not be infected due to matters beyond the control of ForWords. 

Updated: 09-10-2020