Dear Friends and Supporters of ForWords Literacy Lab,

As we all face the challenges of a very difficult time, we hope you are all safe.

We thought it might add a moment of hope to provide an update on our students and programs, and what better way to start than to quote one of our students, who when asked what FWLL could do for him, replied “anything I can do to keep learning please….”

With that inspiration guiding us, our staff met all last week to continue our work with these remarkable young people while schools are closed.

This week, our students and all staff started working in our online classroom via Zoom. We could see each other, talk, ask questions, exchange thoughts, discuss ideas, laugh and commiserate together. In short, it was a wonderfully typical and energetic FWLL classroom.

Here is just a sample of what we will be doing daily:

  • Establishing a regular program schedule for our Saturday and after-school program students
  • Assessing students’ needs in order to provide 1:1 or small group academic assistance from our staff
  • Reaching out to our English Language Learner cohorts and their teachers to assess how we can best support their learning

In addition, we will be in contact with local school districts to determine how FWLL can assist when school recommences but academic shortfalls remain. We are determined that our students have all necessary opportunities to make up academic work and continue toward their life goals.

We know we will get through this period more deeply committed to that which is most important in our world: education, compassion for others and an awareness of the needs of our complex world. The students we serve are even more clearly our hope for better days.

You have all been remarkable supporters of FWLL, and we are deeply grateful for your ongoing support. But most importantly we send our hopes that you are safe and maintaining your health.

Please check our websiteInstagram and Facebook for continual updates.

We can’t wait to see these happy faces in person again soon!

Jeff Gough, President, Board of Directors
Gail Siegel, Executive Director