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ForWords is providing program continuity and support to all of our students through virtual programming.
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Who We Are

ForWords is a dedicated team of educators and mentors who understand the challenges our students face and bring the passion and skill sets necessary to help them learn and realize their potential.


What We Do

Our literacy-based programs support students as they develop the art of self-expression while building leadership skills, providing a rich and relevant educational experience that fosters their love for learning.


Who We Serve

Motivated, under-resourced first-generation rising 6th – 12th grade students.


ForWords believes that literacy unlocks the power of knowledge for the youth we serve.  The 21 st century skills taught at ForWords are tools necessary for our students’ future academic and workplace success.
The ForWords mission is to ensure equitable access to education for youth who face language, cultural and economic barriers. Our work is devoted to teaching students the skills necessary to become confident, productive and engaged citizens in our democracy.
ForWords fulfills its mission through a unique, project-based curriculum that augments the work of our local school districts and builds skills in reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, research, technology and the arts.Our 4 cornerstone programs operate during the school day, after school, on Saturdays, and during the summer.



In its short history ForWords has been recognized for its unique vision and approach to developing literacy skills: Gail Siegel, Founder and Executive Director of ForWords, was awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award in 2012 and ForWords was given the Canal Alliance 30th Anniversary Leadership Award. On the occasion of our 10th Anniversary ForWords received U.S. Congressional Recognition for outstanding work in the community