Welcome to ForWords

Established in 2007, ForWords is a literacy and publication project for students in the San Rafael, California "Canal" area. Our students have been historically under-served, are generally from immigrant families, and are often learning English as a second language.
      ForWords provides a variety of resources to help these students develop the ability to write, speak, and read effectively, and publish their poetry, fiction, music, drama, essays, and non-fiction.

"I wrote about my life because people need to know about me.  Thank you for remembering us and also for supporting us by giving us more things to learn." - Maria, a student

ForWords Mission Statement:

The ability to read, speak and write is central to individual growth and our democracy.  ForWords' singular purpose is to provide a rich literacy and 21st century technology skills program to under-served youth so they too may achieve their educational and life goals and make a contribution to their communities.